Greek Grammar Index

Although conversation is an excellent way to learn a language, grammar is a great learning tool. Rather than having to depend only upon repeating what you’ve heard and inserting new words–and hoping it’s right, knowing basic grammar will help you construct new, original sentences.

And if, like most of us, you’ve forgotten all those terms you learned in high school English, don’t worry–we’ll be giving a quick review of the English usage before diving into the Greek.

These pages form a continuous sequence, so topics may appear many times in the list. Each new appearance adds more detail to the topic.

  1. Gender
  2. Determining Gender
  3. The Definite Article
  4. The Indefinite Article
  5. Practice 1
  6. Plurals
  7. The Plural Definite Article
  8. Pronouns
  9. Verbs
  10. Your First Sentence
  1. Practice with “be”
  2. The word “have”
  3. Practice First Conjugation
  4. How Nouns are Used
  5. Case
  6. Number, Gender, and Case
  7. A Declined Noun
  8. Adjectives
  9. Masculine Adjective-and-Noun
  10. Feminine Adjective-and-Noun
  1. Neuter Adjective-and-Noun
  2. Adjective Summary
  3. More Adjectives