The Chart House

Have you ever noticed how all the restaurants named “The Chart House” are ridiculously expensive? Just wondering. That has, of course, nothing to do with this page, which is a compendium of all the charts showing the Korean letters.


Normal Aspirated Glottalized
g g / k k k kk kk
d d / t t t tt tt
b p / b p p pp pp
j j ch ch jj jj
s s
ss ss
n n

r r / l

m m

-/ng *

h h

*This consonant has no sound at the beginning of a syllable, and sounds like “ng” at the end of a syllable.


You may click a vowel to hear it pronounced.

Vowels with “y-” counterparts.

a a ya ya
o o yo yo
u u yu yu
eo eo yeo yeo
ae ae yae yae
e e ye ye

Vowels with no “y-” counterpart.

eu eu
i i


wi wi
yi ui
wa wa
weo weo
wae wae
oe oe
we we
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