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This is one section I’ve avoided writing, mostly because I didn’t like the topic. I realized I needed more practice with it, so here it is.

First, here are some of the phrases you’ll need when asking for or listening to directions.


왼쪽으로 도세요 Turn left.
오른쪽으로 도세요 Turn right.
똑바로   가세요 Go straight
똑바로 세 블록 가세요 Go straight 3 blocks.
길을 건너세요 Cross the street.


끝에 있습니다 It’s on the corner.
왼쪽에 있습니다 It’s on the left.
오른쪽에 있습니다 It’s on the right.
가운데에 있습니다 It’s in the middle (of the block).

Now, you can practice giving directions.