That's All...For Now

Congratulations! You've learned quite a bit about reading and pronouncing the Korean alphabet. (A complete summary of the Romanized alphabet is here.)

You can also learn about alphabetical order.

There's more to Korean than the alphabet (of course), but now that you know the alphabet, you're ready to expand your knowledge further. Here are some Korean links that might interest you:

Other Korean Links

Hangul and Internet in Korea FAQ
This page answers nearly every question you ever had (and even ones you didn't) about how to display Korean text (Hangul) on your screen and enter it into your word processor documents.
Survival Korean
The content is solid in this visually delightful site.
Steve's Hangul Page
An excellent introduction, and I absolutely loved the section on the Background of Hangul
The Korean Program at Monash University
This Australian University's page has links to resources for learning Korean.
#korea Home Page
The home page for the #korea IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel.

You may learn about writing Korean, or go to table of contents.

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