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Here are some of the books that I used as reference sources when making these pages. The comments are my personal opinions. Click on any linked title below to order the book from amazon.com.

Korean at a Glance
Authors:Daniel D. Holt and Grace Massey Holt
ISBN: 0-8120-3998-X
Comments: Excellent phrasebook with lots of cultural information; I really liked the section about Korean proverbs.
You Can Speak Korean
Author:Choonwon Kang
Publisher:Hollym International
Comments: A light, well-illustrated, well-organized book. Designed for young adults at the beginning level. Comes with two tapes, which seemed to have too much "filler" on them.
Comments: This book is divided into many short lessons with only one or two grammar points each; I never felt overwhelmed.
Korean through English (vol 1)
Author:Sang-Oak Lee,Language Research Institute of Seoul National University
Publisher:Hollym International
ISBN: 1-56591-015-X
Comments: Another excellent introductory book. Contains a guide to how to write the letters; one of the few textbooks I've found so far which does. The whole set consists of three volumes, and audio tapes are available.
College Korean
Authors:Michael C. Rogers, Clare You, and Kyungnyun K. Richards
Publisher:University of California Press, Berkeley
ISBN: 0-520-06994-3
Comments: College-level textbook oriented towards and American audience. Seems to have been written by folks with a strong linguistic background. Well laid out; contains some introduction to the Chinese-derived characters.
Myongdo's Korean
Authors:A.V. Vandesande and Yunsook Hong
Publisher:U-Shin Sa Publishing Co., Seoul
Comments: A very intense textbook with terse but detailed explanations of grammar. The graphic layout of the material is unappealing at best. Also contains pages on how to write the letters.

The single most frustrating part of all these books (except the phrasebook): they contain a Korean-English glossary but have no English-Korean glossary.

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